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Jack A. Sturm, D.M.D.
Microsurgical Endodontics

Dr. Sturm is exceptionally competent, kind, and a renowned expert in his field. He is so careful and gentle, he takes the fear and pain out of having a root canal. 

His staff is excellent, and the state of the art equipment and calm competence of everyone in the office is very confidence inspiring. He won't do a procedure unless it is really necessary, and his ability to create astonishingly detailed, 3D high quality scans in the office enables him to see exactly what is going on to a much greater degree than any other dentist I've ever run across.

World class equipment, cutting edge techniques, friendly, competent staff and highly honed skillsI am really grateful to have found him.

Ann B.

 “This was the best experience in a dental office in my life. (46 yrs!) I appreciate that Dr. Sturm was not overlapping with other patients. That has never happened. The entire visit was peaceful, from initial contact to departure. Thank you very much.”

Cory Woodward


 “The professionalism and compassion demonstrated by Dr. Sturm and all your assistants and staff is top-notch. Thank you.”

Betty Madsen

"The Dr. was most gracious and caring, and gave more then 110% trying to save a calcified root and after almost having to give up, gave another try and had success. Unbelievable how conscientious he was in working with me. I felt very relaxed. The dental asstistants told you everything they were doing and showed you items when I asked. I was truly impressed with the high-tec instruments and rooms. They explained the CT SCAN and let me watch. I would highly recommend Dr. Sturm and his staff for treatment. He left me with complete confidence in his abilities as a first rate Endodontist."

Marilyn Hains

"Thanks to Dr. Sturm and staff! Wonderful experience! Never thought I would say that about a root canal! THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!"

Jason Townsend

"I've had two other root canals, but this one was the most relaxing and painless experience. What a pleasure to be in your office."

Karen Lang

"Thank you for your kindness. You have restored my faith in dentists."

Melissa Kirby

"I didn't want to leave. Dr. Sturm above excellent as well as all the staff. I thought I was dreaming. I wasn't shaking in my boots in the chair. Ha! No fear! Thank you!"

Ann Steed

 “I cannot tell you how much it is appreciated to have everyone you come in contact with, in any office situation, to be likeable and nice; especially for dental work it makes it an almost enjoyable experience. THANK YOU.”

Ruth Page

"Your treatment is excellent. Your professionalism is exemplary. I am happy you solved my problem and made it look easy because you are really expert. About the Nigerian chew sticks-I will be curious how customs handle that! Dr. Sturm-Thank you for saving me money and from pain."

Peter Omoregie

I have suffered with dental pain for a year. Consultations and xrays did not reveal why. Dr. Sturm listened and believed me. He and his assistant worked as an excellent team, they were respectful of each other and kind to me. The most advanced technology was used. The root canal was not painful. It was such a relief to have Dr. Sturm say "you were right". I had a damaged nerve in my tooth. Thank you so much. I recommend this office and Dr. Sturm highly.

Karen Cooper