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Jack A. Sturm, D.M.D.
Microsurgical Endodontics
Sterilization Protocol

There has been much-heightened awareness recently surrounding the COVID-19 virus.  Your well-being and that of our staff are important to us and will always remain our highest priority.  We know when you chose to have treatment with us, you are putting your trust in our hands.  And that is a responsibility we take very seriously. From the moment you walk into our office, we are committed to providing you with a safe environment.

Even before this current outbreak of COVID-19, we have always implemented “Universal Precautions”.  Our protocol is followed always, for every patient, every time.  Rest assured we will not and have never compromised on our commitment to the highest standards in infection control.

Dental practices are one of the safest places you can visit because infection control is the foundation we build on:

Infection control measures in place in our dental practice:

  • All exam room surfaces are cleaned and decontaminated after each patient visit with the highest quality and broadest spectrum germicidal agents.
  • Exam room surfaces with frequent contacts (instrument trays, x-ray sensors, etc.) are covered with protective covers that are replaced after each patient visit.
  • Non-disposable items such as dental tools are cleaned and sterilized on-premise after each patient visit.  Sterilized instruments in their sealed packaging are opened in front of patients.
  • Sterilization machines are checked each week, by means of a mail-in test strip, to verify they are properly sterilizing our dental equipment.
  • Our staff is required to dress in appropriate protective wear (gloves, masks, protective eyewear, scrubs, or protective gowns) while working in treatment rooms.