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Jack A. Sturm, D.M.D.
Microsurgical Endodontics
Common Questions

Why do I need a consultation appointment before my root canal?

It is important to make sure that the tooth in question needs root canal treatment. Symptoms and irregularities on an X-Ray could be a Periodontal (the gums) problem. Or perhaps an anatomical structure that is sometimes perceived as an infection. If root canal treatment is needed, proper examination will allow us to see if the tooth will be amendable to treatment.

What happens during a consult appointment?

Before you arrive you may receive an email for online registration. If email is not available to you we will have you fill out your history on our computer. After this is completed you will be seated in one of our rooms, where we will take a few films using multiple angles to get a good 3D view of the roots. This allows us to view the infection. The assistant will the check the vitality of the tooth in question as well as the tooth in front and back of it. She may use hot, cold, pressure, etc. After all information is compiled the doctor will come in and evaluate the soft tissue as well as the tooth in question. After the exam the doctor will go over all the treatment options. We take a conservative approach to treatment. If the doctor recommends a root canal he is 100% sure it is needed. If the diagnosis is questionable we may recommend no treatment, and monitor the tooth as needed. During the consultation the doctor welcomes any questions the patients may have.

Will the treatment be painful?

We will take every measure to ensure that your procedure is in no way uncomfortable or painful. The doctor will make sure you are profoundly numb prior to starting treatment.

Can I go back to work after my root canal?

Having a root canal is like having a deep filing. When you leave our office, you will still be numb. However you can resume your day as you normally would.

What if I have questions after my root canal?

Patients are welcome to call with questions at any time. If the office is closed we have a service that will be able to get in contact with the doctor on an emergency basis.