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Jack A. Sturm, D.M.D.
Microsurgical Endodontics
About Us
New Technologies

Our practice utilizes many of the newest technologies available in dentistry for your treatment. 


Dr. Sturm was one of the first endodontists in the United States to use a digital Cat Scan machine for endodontic diagnosis and treatment.  He has lectured internationally on the benefits of this remarkable technology.  This machine gives us the ability to see your tooth in three dimensions as well as view cross sections of your tooth to look for dental infections.   


All endodontic treatment is deleivered with the aid of a powerful surgical operating micorscope  which allows us to the maximum visual control in a remarkably precise manner.  This technology allows us  up to view your tooth at 20x the magnification of the naked eye.


We use an advanced digital radiography system in place of conventional dental x-rays, which minimizes radiation exposure to our patients and improves diagnositic capabilities.  This technology also eliminates environmental exposure of the hazardous byproducts of x-ray film developing.


Our CompuDent anesthesia unit makes getting numb easier with little to no discomfort. 


We utilize a paperless software program, called The Digital Office, as an added convenience for both our patients and referring doctors.  Registration through this website saves our patients time by eliminating lengthy paperwork and can be done at home prior to your visit.  Your dentist is also able to view all phases of your endodontic treatment after an account has been created.  Physical and electronic security measures assure the privacy of your personal data.